What are BioTech Tokens  [Technology Crowdfunding Community]?

Biotech Tokens are a Non-Profit Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Community, that provides Advance Technology, Advance Medicine, & Blockchain Companies Crypto Grants in order to Promote the Next Wave of Emerging Technology Worldwide!  The Goal of BIOTECH Tokens is simple; we give high-risk industries an innovative way to fund major research, projects, & development through a series of periodic crypto grants.   All innovative companies no matter the revenue, credit history, wealth, or collateral have equal opportunities to apply for funding, pay the application fee & get listed to be voted by a peer-to-peer community of over 10K driven investors looking for the next emerging tech.  This system promotes popularity, so innovative ideas stand out in comparison to others.  We award 1 Innovative company 50 - 500 BIOTECH per voting cycle.  All companies listed will also receive small periodic airdrops of BIOTECH Tokens.  No more trying to get a bank loan for a company that has never made revenue.  At BIOTECH we promote ideas & furthermore we promote passionate entrepreneurs struggling to acquire funding, through traditional means & who are not willing to sacrifice significant equity to accomplish their dream.

What Blockchain are BIOTECH Tokens built on?

Biotech Tokens are built ONLY on the Waves Blockchain, but we are in the phase of exploring other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain {BEP-20], Digitbytes [DigiAssets], Tron, Avalanche, Solana, Stellar, & even our own blockchain. We will probably avoid the Ethereum Blockchain due to the increased transaction fees, though it is the most popular. Regardless of whatever new blockchain expansions we make, there will only ever be 25,000,000 BIOTECH.

How do I buy BIOTECH?

You can buy BioTech Tokens on Waves.Exchange, or on our website with Crypto or Fiat. Users must send a payment of at least $5 USD. Be sure to leave your email address so we can send you the app to download the BioTech Wallets or for further correspondence.

What Utilities does BioTech Tokens offer?

We offer a Blockchain Grant to Advance Technology Companies that are BIOTECH Token Holders. We also offer about 12 utilities that allow users to EARN, TRADE, SHOP, SEND, STORE, ACCEPT, & PROMOTE.

Can I transfer My BioTech Tokens to other Cryptos?

Yes, you can convert your BIOTECH Tokens balance to WAVES, BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH, MACRO, BCH, USDT, NSBT, VIRES, CANNACOIN, & CRYPTOREVBOARD all on Waves Decentralized Exchange Waves.Exchange

How do Biotech Tokens make money?

BioTech Tokens are a non-profit decentralized organization that was created for the sole purpose of being a resource to Innovate the Worlds Technology Industry. Funds we make from BioTech Tokens go to our community of Business, Website Maintain, Program Development, Blockchain Development, USD-N Staking, which provides Liquidity or pay team members.  All additional profits are donated to 1 of 5 non-profit organizations, or airdropped to our users. We continue this process until we fund over 50,000 companies worldwide & distributed over 70% of the Total Token Supply. 

Can I get BIOTECH Tokens for free?

Yes, by voting for funding and we will give away BioTech Tokens to those on the waves blockchain that stakes MACRO, or other Stablecoin on Waves.Exchange

How much do BioTech Tokens Developers receive?

This solely depends on the projects & resources put into making the project. The Range is 0.10-100.00 BIOTECH

How do I become a BioTech Tokens Developer?

Submit an Application at Become a Developer, put which project(s) you can help us develop, & your turnaround times. All developers are paid in BIOTECH Tokens , Bitcoin, or MACRO Tokens, upon completion of projects. 

How do I buy BioTech Tokens?

How do I Stake BioTech Tokens

Go to your Biotech Staking & input your Waves.Exchange wallet address. After doing so you will start earning automatically, but buy more BIOTECH to increase your earning speed!

How do I send a Message with BIOTECH?

How do I add BioTech Tokens to Trust Wallet?

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